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Architecture as
legacy to shape coexistence

Nudging Limitations Lecture Series

Refugee camps represent inscribed memoirs of untold stories of home and the loss of it, of moves, struggles and attempts of reclamations of what has been lost. For a refugee, being in a space is a precondition of dwelling, yet it is not necessarily home. Homing refugeehood relies heavily on multi-layered political and geographical realities paralleled with changes of belonging perceptions.

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Layla Zibar, VP Migration Unit, Oecumene Studio

We address “Limitation” beyond the traditional semiology of both limits and restrains. We use the word in its wider sense that in addition to its negative connotations of restrictiveness, its challenging nature that induces creativity to crack open the darkened status quo and sheds light on possibilities: It is about how limitations become submissive to the “will to/for change. We focus on spatial processes, ongoing and un-finished hands-on practices in order to understand, learn and develop. 

‘Nudging Limitations’ Series of talks will be looking to understand how different and mostly multi-layered limitations drive change that (re)structure the built-environment, and extend to (re)wire the societal behaviour and influence policies? How does nudging old and new (imagined) fixities of limitations through spatial practices allow meanings to (re)emerge within them?

In these talks, our speakers  will  look beyond the idealized illusions of ‘best practices’ and move together towards critical thinking of challenges.

We dwell on ‘how’ and ‘why’ through observations and practices to look at failure as a rich lesson that pushes us a step forward to ‘then, what is next’.  

Nudging limitations is curated by: 

Layla Zibar and Insaf Ben Othmane H.

Nudging Limitations is to look beyond the idealized illusions of best practices to move together towards critical thinking of challenges.

— Layla Zibar, Oecumene Studio


Œcumene Studio known as Œcumene Spaces For Dignity - We leverage design and architecture to redefine belonging, art and complexity in a changing world


What? العمارة من اجل التغير

Initiated and curated since 2014 by Insaf Ben Othmane  founder of Œcumene Studio ArchitectureForChange .// At the margin of the discipline,  is a collective platform offering series of workshops, seminars that aim to foster knowledge exchange and to track innovations, different practices in the field of Architecture and in particular : Architecture in development” designed and developed by Oecumene Studio. 

Why? العمارة من اجل التغير

The 21st century witnesses a shift in architecture and urban practice with architects, urbanists, planners, artists and others from different disciplines getting more and more involved in community development projects, urban development and conflicts resolutions fields; Mostly, Architecture is responding to today’s human condition. 

How ? العمارة من اجل التغير

The first symposium took place in March 2016 in Tahrir Lounge, Goethe Institut in Cairo, Egypt: Genius Tempus Chap.1.  The second Chapter was held in Alexandria in partnership with the French institut in 2017.  The One / Two day(s) events included open public exhibitions, workshops and a conference engaging a variety of actors from different backgrounds and fields. This Year, ArchitectureForChange is back with a very special webinar series about: Limitations’ and spatial practices that challenge and work through them. 

Public Events

Around the world, we witness the emergence of a generation of young professionals who have been taking action towards designing new strategies, theories, and are actively working to enhance the ‘Ecumene’ using innovative solutions and supporting local societies through design. This led to a redefinition of : Architecture, Design, Planning as a concept, theory and practice. Through our seminars we aim to give a voice and to open a platform for collaborative knowledge and solidarity.

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We aim to make accessible a wide range of research studies, exhibitions, publications, seminars, webinars and series of documentaries revolving around architecture, space and time: Space, Power & Societies


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